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I, __________________________, of sound body and mind, in consideration of my participation on any trip that is hosted or sponsored by BAD BOARDERZ within the year of 2018 agree to the following:

  1. BAD BOARDERZ utilizes transportation provided by carriers who are not employees of BAD BOARDERZ and will not hold BAD BOARDERZ responsible of the default of any such carrier or its personnel. I also agree that I will pay any additional expense incurred due to any delays in service, weather, strike, or any other cause which are not the direct fault of BAD BOARDERZ.
  2. I understand that BAD BOARDERZ will immediately, upon being informed of any illness or injury to myself, will make reasonable effort to advise my emergency contact of the nature and extent of such illness or injury. In the event that I become ill or injured and someone cannot be reached, I hereby authorize a representative of BAD BOARDERZ to proceed with all medical treatment recommended by a physician at my expense.
  3. I agree that in the event that it is necessary in the opinion of BAD BOARDERZ to transport me home due to illness, injury, misbehavior or bad conduct I agree to pay for the cost of transportation.
  4. If I or any of my possessions are injured, damaged, lost or stolen due to accident or self negligence which occurs while I am on a BAD BOARDERZ trip, I agree that BAD BOARDERZ is not responsible for the loss, injury, theft or damage to any of my possessions whether said injury, loss, theft or damage occur as a result of accident or for any other reason while I am on a BAD BOARDERZ trip including any act of nature. 
  5. In the event that I behave in an unbecoming manner in the judgment of a representative of BAD BOARDERZ, then BAD BOARDERZ may send me home at my expense in that regard. I agree that BAD BOARDERZ reserves the right to change schedules or cancel any party of a trip and will make refunds accordingly, if applicable.
  6. If for any reason a circumstance beyond the control of BAD BOARDERZ it becomes necessary for BAD BOARDERZ to cancel a trip prior to its departure or during the trip then only unused fees will be refunded, other than the non-refundable deposit. Financial commitments and payments are made weeks and months prior to a trip: therefore, certain fees are used and not refundable to BAD BOARDERZ - these fees are in the form of transportation, lodging, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, entertainment, rental fees and office services. Refunds are made within 30 days after a notice of cancellation.
  7. I acknowledge that snowboarding, skiing and surfing is a dangerous activity which can result in serious physical injury or even death to any person participating in it. I hereby release BAD BOARDERZ, it's employees, staff, team and representatives' of any and all liability which may arise as a result of any injury or death, which occur during any trip while participating in any of the skiing, snowboarding or surfing activities.
  8. BAD BOARDERZ is not responsible for any supervision or problems resulting from air or ground travel, including ground transportation to and from airports and venues, lodging, facilities, and residence locations.

This agreement is in addition to the above and should not be interpreted in any way to limit the release heretofore agreed to between myself and BAD BOARDERZ.



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"Do What You Love!"