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Pacific Green Xtreme!





A young man's journey to find universal love by sharing his passion with the world.


     PACIFIC GREEN XTREME™ is  a young man's journey to find universal love by sharing his passion for life with the world. Pacific stands for the trip that Gregory Scott who his friends call G-Style, is taking up the  Pacific Coast of California to Oregon. Green is Gregory's favorite color, and is also the color of the heart chakra which in Greg's eyes means LOVE. G-Style will fully commit to living in green his entire adventure. Green also stands for Green energy and Greg plans to power his entire film crew with his personally built solar energy generator. Xtreme means living your life to it's full potential and pushing your life to the X everyday!  Live the dream, never give up hope.

The  feature is a modern day adventure love  story filled with lots of energy, passion and excitement.  He will be surfing and paddle boarding  in the Pacific Ocean and hopes to flow with many radical surfers along the way.  Gregory G-Style will be offering free surfing lessons to share the stoke with as many people as he can. Starting at the Southern most tip of California in San Diego, Gregory will begin his journey traveling north along the coast.  As he travels north he will stop at some of the most famous exotic beaches where he hopes to surf waves that he has only seen in his dreams. Some of the beaches in Southern California Greg will visit are: Blacks in San Diego ;Newport Beach; Huntington Beach; Venice; Malibu; and Santa Barbara.  Heading further north where the waters are colder,the currents are stronger and more dangerous, G-Style will continue surfing and teaching at these fabulous beaches: Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Big Sur, Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, and  Half Moon Bay. Finally he will reach the  Coast of Oregon where he will face Battle Rock,  and challenge the crisp cold freezing waters. There will be lots of interacting with people along the way and outrageous interviews with special guests! The film will climax at Pacific Fire Gathering, a fire dancing flow festival on the beach. Gregory and the movie goers will experience a big surprise ending! Join Pacific Green Xtreme for the journey of a lifetime!

A Little More About  GREGORY SCOTT the beginnings.
Gregory Scott was the youngest professional director in the world. When he was just five years old he was a child prodigy! He was signed to Universal Pictures and Al Burton Productions as a director!  This was before the modern day digital camera  was invented. Little Gregory had to go to an editing studio to edit his early films.  He produced several short films  with kids in his neighborhood ! At seven years old he directed, starred and recorded his first music video "Bring Me Madonna On Christmas Night".  (See it on You Tube).  Gregory made appearances on America Television Shows like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, E TELEVISION, OPRAH, and even flew to New York to do comedy sketches on Conan 'O Brien late night show playing little Andy Richter!  Greg loved appearing on  Arsenio Hall and other talk shows.  Greg flew to England to be on the Jonanthan Ross Show as well as Japanese, Dutch and Italian Television Shows!

When Gregory entered Middle School he wanted to live "a normal kids life."For the next few years his prodigy talents made it easy for him to learn lots of different skills and accomplish them to a high degree.  Greg learned saxophone in middle school and made it to first chair tenor sax in the school's Jazz Band without lessons.  In High School he appeared in musicals, was in the dance company, the band, the wrestling team and even went to his high school prom!  After high school graduation Gregory fell in love with snowboarding. He taught himself and he went so often he decided to start competing. He was surprised that he started wining numerous metals in snowboarding.  He was so good he got sponsored by Bad Boarderz. His skills got him ranked 6th in the USASA in the state of California for BoarderCross Nationals in held in Colorado. Greg learned to surf at the end of high school. G-Style loved it so much  he wanted to share the fun with others and began to teach.  He entered college and became very interested in electrical engineering with a focus on solar electric energy systems. He loved everything about solar energy.  A bad car accident caused G-Style to  drop out of school and with on going pain he needed surgery on his shoulder.

These were depressing times. Greg didn't know if he would ever be able to snowboard or surf again. It got worse when he had to take jobs he wasn't crazy about and put his dreams aside just to pay the bills. He didn't like working in front of a computer on a daily basis at his 9-5PM  job.  He felt trapped, he wasn't using his creative talents. He left and started to go to light and music festivals and that's were his creative genius kicked in. Greg invented a solar energy system where people going to overnight festivals would be able to recharge their cell phones with solar energy for  free. He built light sculptures and began to get excited about living again. Gregory Scott became a true  RENAISSANCE MAN. 
Gregory realized he still loved filmmaking and decided to document a social experiment to see if "the more love you give the more you get." Gregory plans to give love to everyone  he meets along his adventure. 


100% Dedication

Gregory gave his roommate notice that he was moving out!  He sold his bedroom furniture and put his extra things in storage. He is devoting himself 100% to making a successful Adventure Love Film called Pacific Green Xtreme .  G-style has put everything on the line so that all his attention will be focused on the success of this movie.  The Challenge will be to raise enough money to cover the basic budget so this project can succeed and he can spread the love worldwide! 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help financially you can help us spread the word about the PACIFIC GREEN EXTREME.  Like us on Indiegogo, Facebook, Twitter and by calling and texting your friends.  Please send them a link to our campaign and ask them to help spread the word.  Come down to the beach on the days we are offering free lessons and bring your friends and family.  With your support we can make this film a huge success! We are eternally grateful for all your love and support and we hope one day  to personally get you stoked! 


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